We would like to inform our valued interested parties and guests that the tarpaulin slide and the covered slide are currently not in operation due to renovation works.


Distance from the spa 80 m
Accommodation from
3 900 HUF per person/night
Distance from the spa 50 m
Accommodation from
10 000 HUF per person/night
3 Star
Distance from the spa 50 m
Accommodation from
15 600 HUF per person/night


  • Elvira

    It is always nice to relax here. The service is especially attentive and the staff are always helpful! The water is perfect for all ages!

  • Nicol

    We love this place very much! We have been going here every year for 7-8 years. We never miss a chance to visit because it is perfect for us in all respects!

  • Kate

    We have been coming here for years to relax and enjoy some family recreation. We have a great time every year.

  • Marie

    We just love it! We never get bored with it! Clean, cultured and the staff are always so friendly and helpful. This place is our favorite in all respects!

  • Andrea

    The environment is so scenic and pleasant, the pool water has always the right temperature and the foods are delicious! 😋. I can recommend it to anyone whether you want to relax or visit there with children.

  • Anita

    All the equipment in the camp ground meets all our needs and is very clean. The staff are helpful and friendly!