Our bath, medicinal and wellness services await you on each day of the year!

At buying the entry tickets, our guests receive an armband entitling to enter the bath several times on the day of ticket purchase. We have also several services, which you can take using armband, e.g. Finnish sauna, tarp slide, giant slide.

Discounts being available at entrance:

student or pensioner discount – only at the presentation of valid certificate!
discount for local inhabitants – only at presentation of address card and ID card!

afternoon ticket, generally 3 hours before the bath closing (we can deviate form that in exceptional cases, when we publish information on our website)
morning swimming ticket – valid from time of opening until 10:00 a.m. 


You can pay the services of our bath in cash, by bankcard and the SZÉP cards of all the three issuers!


pre-and post-season/main season
Until age of 3 years entrance is free of charge! 0 HUF
Entry ticket - adult 3590/3990 HUF
Reduced price ticket (pensioner, student) 2890/3190 HUF
Morning swimming ticket (valid till 10:00 a.m.) 1200/1300 HUF
Afternoon ticket from 4:00 p.m. 
(afternoon reduced price ticket – adult, pensioner, student from 4:00 p.m.)
2350/2600 HUF
Night bath ticket if open in the night 3900 HUF

Family ticket (for parents and their dependent children)

2 adults + 1 child 8890/9400 HUF
2 adults + 2 children 10790/11/490 HUF
2 adults + 3 children 11690/12890 HUF
Every further child price per person  2490/2690 HUF

Discounterd ticket of permanent inhabitants of Cserkeszőlő

Adult ticket of inhabitant of Cserkeszőlő 600 HUF
Pensioner, student ticket of inhabitant of Cserkeszőlő  300 HUF

Group discount in case of more than 15 person

Adult season ticket for 7 subsequent days not available
Pensioner, student ticket for 7 subsequent days  not available
Adult season ticket for 10 days (can be used within 1 year from date of purchase) not available
Pensioner, student season ticket for 10 days (can be used within 1 year from date of purchase) not available
Swimming lessons organized by Cserkeszőlő school for children 300 HUF
Swimming lessons organized by schools, children gardens 500 HUF

For our regular guests we recommend the weekly or 10-day season ticket. The weekly season ticket can be used exclusively on the seven subsequent days from the date of purchase, while the 10-day season ticket can used at any time within the actual year. 

At the territory of the bath, you can find several restaurants, bars, and a boutique, as well. Our own restaurant is the Napsugár Self Service Restaurant where we await our guests with delicious food, daily menu and breakfast at advantageous prices. 


Massage (15 minutes) 3000 HUF
Massage (30 minutes)  4500 HUF
Massage (1 hour) 8500 HUF
Tangentor (water jet massage under water surface) 1500 HUF
Carbon acidic tub bath (at physician’s recommendation) 1500 HUF
Weight bath (at physician’s recommendation) 1800 HUF
Mud pack (at physician’s recommendation) 5500 HUF 
Physiotherapy - individual 2200 HUF
Physiotherapy - group 1500 HUF
Compartmental electrical physiotherapy 1500 HUF
Ultrasound physiotherapy 1500 HUF
Treatment by Bioptron lamp 1 200 HUF
Magnetic treatment 1200 HUF
Treatment by laser, 1 occasion  850 HUF
Treatment by laser, 10 occasions (season ticket) 8000 HUF


McKenzie land physiotherapy, first occasion 6000 HUF
McKenzie land physiotherapy, further occasions 2600 HUF
Manual therapeutic massage (45 minutes) 8500 HUF
Lymphatic drainage (massaging) (45 minutes) 8500 HUF


1 occasion 5000 HUF
5 occasions 22000 HUF
11 occasions 45000 HUF


Healing salt room /hour,  800 HUF
Healing salt room /hour, for guests of Touring Hotel and Thermal Camping 400 HUF
Sauna for all the day 3200 HUF
Sauna for all day for guests of Touring Hotel and Thermal Camping 1750 HUF


Rental of rest bed, normal (HUF/ea.) 1500 HUF
Rental of chair (HUF/ea.)) 800 HUF
Deposit for change room locker key  2000 HUF
Deposit of valuables  900 HUF
Announcement ticket 500 HUF
Bathrobe rental daily fee 2500 HUF
Bathrobe deposit 8000 HUF


Thermal pool (01)
in case only the pool 01 is prescribed, and in case treatments are also prescribed, but you are taking the thermal pool only
2600 HUF
Thermal tub medicinal bath (02) 1200 HUF
Mud pack (03) 1300 HUF
Weight bath (04)  900 HUF
Carbon acidic tub bath (05) 900 HUF
Medical healing massage (06) 1200 HUF
Water jet massage under water surface (07) 900 HUF
Group physiotherapy under water surface (08) 1000 HUF
Complex medicinal bath service (09) 2500 HUF
Treatment cloth 650 HUF

Price list for Kresz Park 

Presentation + License 1000 HUF
20 Minute 2400 HUF
Group ticket (10 people) 2000 HUF

The deposits shall be provided always at the site. The prices include 27% VAT.