Please, be kindly informed that in our village, in the catchment area of the bath and therapeutic center you can find paid parking areas. As of 1 June, 2015 the MobilParkolás (mobile parking) is available in Cserkeszőlő, as well. In this way, you already can pay not only with cash (coins), but also can purchase the parking ticket comfortably from your mobile phone.  In the paid parking area you have 20 minutes from the beginning of parking for buying the parking ticket. 

Map of the paid parking area:

Paid parking area:

A) The green area with trees located between the road 44 and the AQUA-LUX hotel,
B) parking area at the market and the section of the Petőfi street between the  Fürdő street and Dózsa György street
C) Parking places and green surfaces established on the both sides of the Fürdő street,
D) Parking areas established in the Kinizsi street, and in the total length of the Orgona road, 
E) The total parking area near to the Protestant church between Kinizsi street and Május 1 road,
F) The section of Nyaraló street between Kuna József  street and Orgona street,
G) The green surface and parking areas bounded by Bem str.,  Május 1. road, Színyei Merse Pál street and Munkácsy street
H) Köztársaság square
I) Sétatér road
J) Napsugár road

GPS coordinates of the parking ticket machines:
46°51'50.4"N 20°12'14.2"E   (at the Aquq-Lux pension)
46°51'54.3"N 20°12'16.9"E   (at the Bath entrance)
46°51'53.3"N 20°12'19.8"E   (at the bus station)
46°51'59.6"N 20°12'18.1"E   (at the Water Tower)
46°52'01.8"N 20°12'10.7"E   (corner of Kinizsi str./ Orgona str.)
46°52'08.0"N 20°12'23.6"E   (COOP ABC)

Free of charge parking is available a little bit apart, around the sports field.

You can by the parking ticket by mobile phone or at the parking ticket automats. The parking ticket automats can be found at parking places and at the main entrance of the bath. For the payment at the automats you can use coins of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 HUF. You should place the ticket inside the car at a well visible place. The parking areas have no guarding, for the probable damages the operator does not take any responsibility. 

The parking fee at the parking locations provided with parking automats shall be paid at the beginning of the parking, taking into account of a minimum duration of 20 minutes. The purchased ticket is valid for the period shown on it.

Valid prices including 27% VAT:
Period being liable to payment: every day from 07:00 a.m. until 06:00 p.m.

1. In case of personal car, motorcycle, tricycle or quadricycle, and tricycle or quadricycle mopeds (minimum parking period is 20 minutes) 

Fee of 1 hour parking: HUF 100/hour

2. In case of bus, tractor, truck, agricultural tractor, slow vehicle and trailer
(minimum parking period is 20 minutes)

Fee of 1 hour parking: HUF 150/hour

Surcharge and plus one hour waiting time shall be paid in the following cases:

a) the parking is carried out without ticket or a season ticket, or is the ticket, season ticket is put in the vehicle in such a manner that it cannot be controlled;

b) if the validity pf the ticket, season ticket expired.

In case of surcharge payment, the parking controller places the payment notice about the specified surcharge and the money order form on the windshield of the car in a red package, showing the parking time, vehicle’s license plate number, color, make, the payable amount (showing separately the one hour parking fee and the surcharge, the description of the irregularity, in case of expired ticket number of the expired ticket, signature and relevant information.

The amount of the surcharge shall be determined based on §15/C of the Act 1 of 1988 about public traffic, using the above shown parking fees.